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            Colorful pots East Village

            Unique shopping

            Buckhead's East Village is a triangle bounded by Peachtree Road on the north and west, Piedmont Road on the east and Peachtree Avenue on the south. Spreading out from its long-time commercial core along Peachtree Road, the village has grown to include formerly residential streets that now house businesses and restaurants in tree-shaded cottages that once were 全民双色球旧版下载s of the Shadowlawn subdivision. Sardis Way was named for the wife of pioneer settler Henry Irby, whose landmark general store and tavern gave Buckhead its name.

            The East Village includes some of Atlanta's liveliest nightspots and some of its best restaurants alongside an array of art galleries and boutiques.

            The "heart of Buckhead is the Village, whose streets have evolved from storefronts into a good-times mecca. "There are 100 bars and restaurants within two blocks of the intersection of Peachtree and East Paces Ferry," says The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "It's a premier place to play."

            The Buckhead Village Merchants Association is dedicated to preserving the unique character of the Village. The group of retailers, bars, restaurants and property owners is focusing on safety, parking, pedestrian appeal and commercial balance. Among its major initiatives is preventing those under 18 from entering bars in the Village, where some bars had allowed teens to party, but not to drink. The BVMA also is hiring additional police officers at night and has hired an engineer to recommend streetscape redesigns to make the area more pedestrian friendly.

            BVMA has turned the lights up in the East Village and along feeder streets, increasing the wattage of street lamps on Bolling Way, East Paces Ferry and Pharr Road. Parking lots also got a little brighter. Crosswalks are being re-striped to increase pedestrian safety.

            As the pace of luxury residential redevelopment in the Village has increased, some developers, encouraged by the Buckhead Coalition, have begun buying up former bar sites for conversion to shops and restaurants to help tame the weekend party. Nearby residents, fed up with litter, noise and traffic, are putting pressure on police to crack down, and representatives of some night spots have praised police for efforts to curb "lawlessness." Some city officials are pushing the city attorney's office to reinstate a city code that prevents new bars from opening without adequate parking. The Village has been exempt from the code for years.

            RESIDENTIAL TOWER: Wood Partners and the Novare Group plans a 21-story residential tower with 378 units at Pharr Road and North Fulton Drive, across from the Atlanta Fish Market. Completion is set for 2004. The units will be rented as apartments, but converted to condominiums if the market allows.

            BOUTIQUE HOTEL: Developer Mark McClure hopes to build a trendy boutique hotel, "sort of a Miami's South Beach meets Beverly Hills meets Buckhead," on a 1-acre tract at 225 Pharr Road that now includes the Bell Bottoms nightclub. The 12-15-story hotel would have 170 rooms and feature high-tech amenities. Target clientele: business travelers age is 23-40.

            UNDER STUDY: Designers are examining the idea of extending Buckhead Triangle Park, where Peachtree and Roswell roads split, eastward to include what is now Peachtree Road and shops in the strip where the Buckhead Saloon and Great Frame Up now stand. Peachtree Road would bend east around the expanded park or tunnel under it.

            Unique shopping:

            Abbadabbas, 322 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 262-3356

            Anthony Ardavin Gallery, 309 E. Paces Ferry Rd. 30305, (404) 233-9686

            Antique Prints & Maps, 515 East Paces Ferry road, (404) 233-2911

            Antiques Plus, 2962 Grandview Ave., (404) 233-6582

            The Arts Connection, 360 Pharr Rd. 30305, (404) 230-1005

            Tudor shop
            Colorful wall Atlanta Artists Gallery, 2979 Grandview Ave., (404) 237-2324

            Bender Fine Art, 309 E. Paces Ferry Rd., Suite 140, 30305, (404) 842-1913

            Bilt-House, 511 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 816-7702

            Buckhead Aesthetics, laser hair removal, cellulite treatments, body wraps, microdermabrasion skin peels, weight loss systems, skin care products, stretch mark cream, limited- edition hand blown glass, 277 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 812-1880, or e-mail  bodycare@buckheadaesthetics.com

            C Lighting, a high-end illuminations gallery offering an extensive selection of world-class traditional and contemporary illumination systems,  273 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 760-1119, email Clighting@aol.com

            Camille Love Gallery, 309 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 841-0446

            Charles Willis, jewelers, 465 East Paces Ferry road, (404) 233-9487

            Connell Gallery, 333 North Fulton Dr., (404) 261-1712

            Connoisseur Galleries, 305 Pharr Road, (404) 869-6880

            Greenhouse Dan Keishian Rugs, 458 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 266-8863

            Dejavu, contemporary 全民双色球旧版下载 accessories, 2981 North Fulton Drive, (404) 841-1038

            , retro sports apparel, 310 East Paces Ferry Road, 30305, (404) 262-7741


            E. Thomas III Restoration Studio and Gallery, restoration of china, sculpture, lamps, crystal, porcelain and other collectibles, 3115-B Maple Dr.

            Gallery 515, 515 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 233-2911

            Goldsmith's Gallery for Fine Art, 247 Buckhead Ave. 30305, (404) 841-9264

            Gorgeous 全民双色球旧版下载s, 580 Pharr Road, (404) 869-8743

            Great American Gallery, 333 North Fulton Dr., (404) 261-1712

            Village street

            Heartlines Authentic Native American Jewelry, 375 Pharr Road, Suite 114,  (404) 816-5050

            Ichiyo Art Center Gallery, 432 E. Paces Ferry Rd. 30305, (404) 233-1846

            Jackson Fine Art Gallery, 3115 Shadowlawn Ave., (404) 233-3739

            Jacquelynne P. Lanham Designs, Inc., 472 East Paces Ferry Rd., 30305, (404) 364-0472, fax: (404) 261-1792

            , 2962 Grandview Avenue, 30305, (404) 271-3716

            Azio and friends
            Antiques cottage Pine cottage

            Juan-N-Only Gallery, 2990 Grandview Ave. 30305, (404) 233-5826

            Moxie, 3112 E. Shadowlawn, sophisticated women's clothing, (404) 365-8819

            Much Ado About Everything, furniture, gifts, accessories, 225-B Pharr Road, (404) 261-5382

            Peridot, 514 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 261-7028
            Rated Best Buckhead Gift Shop 1999 by Atlanta Magazine.

            Pillow Exclusives, 534 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 365-0172

            Planters, 3144 Shadowlawn Ave., (404) 261-6002

            Play It Again, 273 Buckhead Ave., (404) 261-2135

            Pottery Warehouse, 3167 Peachtree Road, (404) 261-7555

            Ralston's, unique garden accessories, 375 Pharr Road, (404) 266-1925

            A Rare Find, 3094 E. Shadowlawn Ave., (404) 231-5755

            Razzle Dazzle, 310 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 233-6940

            Regen-Leigh Antiques, 3140 E. Shadowlawn Ave., 30305, (404) 262-9303

            Skin Solutions, medical skin care clinic offering facial peels, aromatherapy massage and hot milk pedicures, 321 Pharr Rd. 404-495-9099

            , 17th and 18th century Old Master paintings and French furniture, 3079 East Shadowlawn Ave. (404) 841-7777

            Sweet Repeats, 321 Pharr Road, (404) 261-7519

            The Fish Hawk, 277 Buckhead Ave., (404) 233-5065

            Toby House, 517 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 233-2161

            , cutting edge original paintings, sculpture, photography; 315 East Paces Ferry Road, (404) 237-0370

            Vespermann Gallery, art glass, jewelry, 309 East Paces Ferry Rd., (404) 350-9698

            When It Was a Game, vintage sports memorabilia and equipment, 247 Buckhead Ave., #104, 404-240-1880

            Williams Gengakki Violins, 2975 Hardman Court, (404) 233-2811

            Window in Venice, fabulous decorative glass objects from a family-owned, Venetian glass company, 277 East Paces Ferry Rd., (404) 467-8445

            The Work of Our Hands, original art, crafts and folk art, 314 Buckhead Ave., 404-509-9912

            Yoga Shala, therapeutic, private and group classes as well as a yoga props store, 545 Pharr Rd., 404-456-7377

            Zafalta Imports, 271 East Paces Ferry Rd., 404-233-0609

            Zumpano Design Tile, 375 Pharr Road, (404) 233-2943

            For great places to eat in the East Village, see Buckhead "Dining" for restaurants and cafes on these streets: East Paces Ferry Road, Pharr Road, Buckhead Avenue, Shadowlawn Avenue, Grandview Avenue, Buckhead Way, Bolling Way, Maple Drive and North Fulton Drive.

            East Village Grille

            For nightlife in the East Village, see Buckhead Nightclubs and Bars.

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