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                MARTA expresso
                Photo courtesy of Buckhead Coalition 1995 Buckhead Guide Book
            MARTA in Buckhead - Atlanta, GA.

            Important MARTA phone numbers
            MARTA phones
            MARTA schedules
            Bicycles on MARTA
            Lost and found
            Parking at MARTA
            MARTA bus routes

            MARTA map MARTA rail map
            (82k jpg)
            Buckhead MARTA rail and bus map Buckhead MARTA rail and bus map
            (132k jpg)

            Proposed station redesign

            The is working to redesign the Peachtree Road corridor through Buckhead to improve the pedestrian environment, create better access to transit and improve traffic flow. The image above, courtesy of the Buckhead CID, shows the proposed redesign of the Buckhead MARTA station. The CID's meetings (at the Buckhead Coalition offices, 3340 Peachtree Road, Suite 560) are open to the public. 全民双色球旧版下载Phone 404-842-2686 or email buckheadcid@mindspring.com for date and time.

            Buckhead is served by the Northeast rail line with two stations, N6 (Lindbergh) and NE7 (Lenox) connecting to 15 bus routes, and the North rail line with the N7 (Buckhead) station on Peachtree.

            Bus routes by number, name and rail station served

            Route Number

            Route Name

            Rail Station

            5 Sandy Springs/Dunwoody N6
            23 Lenox/Arts Center N5,NE7
            25 Peachtree Industrial NE7, NE8, NE9
            27 Monroe Drive/Lindbergh Station N3, N6
            30 LaVista Road N6
            31 Lindbergh/Morningside/Grant Park 5 Points, N6
            33 Briarcliff Road 5 Points, N6
            38 Chastain Park N6
            39 Buford Highway N6, NE10
            40 West Paces Ferry/Garden Hills N6
            44 West Wesley N6
            47 Frontage Road NE7
            48 Thomasville/Lenox NE7, E3
            58 Bolton W4

            Information below courtesy of MARTA Magazine

            Important MARTA phone numbers:

            Schedule information 848-4711
            Police services 848-4900
            Police emergencies 848-4910, 848-4911
            Customer services 848-5072
            Lost and found 848-3208
            Paratransit services 848-5618
            Convention/visitor’s passes 848-5057

            Blue phones in stations connect you to police services.
            White phones connect you to station monitors.

            Lenox MARTA rail station

            Trains run every eight minutes on weekdays, every 10 minutes on Saturday and every 15 minutes on Sunday.

            Bicycles are permitted on trains at all times. Passengers who take their bikes on trains are encouraged to be extra cautious, avoid boarding trains that are full and use elevators when taking bikes in and out of stations.

            Lost and found is located at the 5 Points station. Hours to retrieve lost items are 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday.

            Parking is free at all MARTA rail stations, parking lots and bus park/ride lots. The covered parking decks at Lenox require a $1 per day parking fee. Parking is free at the Lenox decks on weekends, holidays and after 6 p.m. daily. Monthly parking passes for the decks are available. Riding MARTA to the airport? Long-term 24-hour secured parking is available at the Brookhaven, Lenox and Lindbergh stations for $3 a day. For details, call 848-4800.

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