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            Cathedral of Christ the King
            Cathedral of Christ the King

            Houses of worship - Buckhead - Atlanta, GA.


            "Buckhead's construction boom isn't limited to apartments, condominiums and office buildings. With more and more people moving back into the city, the area's churches are ... adding new sanctuaries, classrooms and children's facilities ... to accommodate the swelling ranks." -- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

            African Methodist Episcopal

            New Hope AME Church, 3012 Arden Rd., 30305, (404) 261-4393
            Records of the property date to 1872, when Buckhead landowner James H. Smith, in his will, deeded three acres to a small group of servants to provide for a church and a school for their children. According to the Atlanta History Center, the "New Hope camp ground" had been in use since 1869, with residents frequently gathering for preaching and dinner on the ground. The first structure on the property, a tabernacle, was followed by a plank and log structure built sometime in the 1890s. This was destroyed by fire in 1927. In 1928, the congregation built the basement of the present sanctuary, topping it with the present sanctuary in 1936.

            New Hope Cemetery at 3011 Arden Rd., contains burials beginning in 1889. It was established when Dr. James H. Smith deeded an acre of land in 1872 to his former slaves.


            Church of the Apostles (Evangelical), 3585 Northside Pkwy. 30327, (404) 842-0200


            Buckhead Baptist Church, 4100 Roswell Rd. 30342, (404) 255-5112

            Harmony Grove Cemetery, 215 W. Paces Ferry Rd., once adjoined the Harmony Grove Baptist Church.

            New Hope AME Church
            New Hope AME Church

            Macedonia Cemetery, 433 Pharr Rd. (now Frankie Allen Park) formerly adjoined Macedonia Baptist Church.

            , 3100 Northside Dr. 30305, (404) 237-8621

            Northside Drive Baptist Church, 3100 Northside Drive, (404) 237-8621

            Northside Park Baptist Church, 1877 Howell Mill Rd., 30318, (404) 355-5330

            Old Mt. Zion Cemetery (the adjacent church formerly was Mt. Zion Baptist Church) dates to 1864.

            Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church, 834 Canterbury Rd. 30324, (404) 262-3339

            Piney Grove Cemetery is on land purchased by the church in 1826 and contains slave graves. The earliest burial date now identifiable is 1889.

            , 2715 Peachtree Rd. 30305, (404) 266-8111

            , alternative contemporary worship at Wieuca Road Baptist Church, 3626 Peachtree Road, 30326, (404) 814-4460   

            , 3626 Peachtree Rd. 30326, (404) 261-4220


            , 2699 Peachtree Rd. 30305, (404) 233-2145

            Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 4465 Northside Dr. 30327, (404) 252-4513

            Church of Christ, Scientist

            Second Church of Christ, Scientist, 3372 Peachtree Rd. 30326, (404) 233-4582

            Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church
            Second Ponce de Leon
            Baptist Church

            Church of God

            Mt. Paran Church of God, 2055 Mt. Paran Rd. 30327, (404) 261-0720


            , 2744 Peachtree Rd. 30305, (404) 365-1000

            , 3098 Northside Parkway 30327, (404) 237-5589

            , 4393 Garmon Rd. 30327, (404) 266-1018, (404) 261 - 9447 (FAX)

            The Gathering

            , 4679 Canyon Creek Trail, 30342, (404) 252-7098

            Jehovah's Witness

            Buckhead Congregations, 258 W. Wieuca Rd. 30342, (404) 255-0030

            Cathedral of Saint Philip
            Cathedral of Saint Philip


            Ahavath Achim Synagogue (Conservative), 600 Peachtree Battle Ave. 30327, (404) 355-5222


            Lutheran Church of the Ascension (LCMS), 4000 Roswell Rd. 30326, (404) 255-0224

            Peachtree Road Lutheran Church (ELCA), 3686 Peachtree Rd. 30319, (404) 233-7031

            St. Luke Lutheran Church (ELCA), 3264 Northside Pkwy., 30327, (404) 237-4413

            Sardis Methodist Church

            Confederate soldier's tombstone

            The grave of William Plaster, a former Confederate soldier. Piedmont Road originally was known as Plaster Bridge Road.
            A legacy of faith

            Sardis Methodist Church on Powers Ferry Road, just off Roswell Road, in Buckhead is a living link with the area's history. A historic marker reads:

            "Sardis Methodist Church is built on land taken from the Indians by Sy Donaldson and given to the church before this section of the state had been surveyed -- when land was platted by beeswax string and there were no deeds. Believed to date from 1812, this church antedates the three counties (Henry, DeKalb and Fulton) that have contained this tract of land. In early days, Sardis Methodist Church was on a circuit with preaching every two weeks -- on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. ... Marked graves in the cemetery (which originally was called Shady Oaks Cemetery) date from the 1830s.

            "Four church buildings have stood on this site: a little log cabin; a two-story wooden structure built by the members and destroyed by a cyclone; a third church building erected with the help of Sardis Lodge No. 107 F&A.M., who used the second floor as a meeting place; and the present edifice, built in the 1920s in the style of 1812."

            Among those buried in the Sardis cemetery is Henry Irby, who died in 1879. It was the buck's head hanging outside his tavern, near what is now the intersection of Peachtree and Roswell roads, that gave Buckhead its name.


            , 2799 Northside Dr. 30305, (404) 355-6475

            Paces Ferry United Methodist Church, 3612 Paces Ferry Rd. 30327
            Pleasant Hill Cemetery
            (the adjacent church formerly was Pleasant Hill Methodist Church) dates to 1896 and contains many antebellum and some Civil War graves, both northern and southern. The land for the cemetery was donated by planter William Brown in 1877.

            Wieuca Road Baptist Church
            Wieuca Road Baptist Church

            , 3180 Peachtree Rd. 30305, (404) 266-2373

            , 550 Mt. Paran Road, (404) 255-1384

            , 4400 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. 30342, (404) 261-3121

            Sardis United Methodist Church, 3725 Powers Ferry Rd. 30326, (404) 237-6060


            , 3434 Roswell Rd. 30363, (404) 842-5800. The original Peachtree Presbyterian Church was at a gray granite building built in 1926 at the corner of Peachtree Road and Mathieson Drive. The church moved to its present location in 1960.

            , 60 and 81 Peachtree Park Dr., 30309, (404) 605-0505

            St. John United Methodist Church, 550 Mt. Paran Road, (404) 255-1384

            , 2461 Peachtree Rd. 30305, (404) 237-0363

            Covenant Presbyterian Church
            Covenant Presbyterian Church
            Photo courtesy of Buckhead Coalition

            Northwest Presbyterian Church, 4300 Northside Dr., 30327, (404) 237-5539

            , 3003 Howell Mill Rd. 30327, (404) 237-6491

            Religious Science

            , 3025 Maple Dr., 30305, (404) 233-2061

            United Church of Christ

            Center Congregational Church, 1055 Moores Mill Rd., 30327, (404) 351-2747

            Interesting facts

            Ahavath Achim is the nation's third largest Conservative Jewish congregation.
            Christ the King is the Catholic cathedral of the Archdiocese for North Georgia.
            Peachtree Presbyterian is the nation's largest Presbyterian congregation.
            Saint Philip's, the cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, is the nation's largest Episcopal congregation.
            Sardis United Methodist, established in 1812, is the third oldest house of worship in Georgia.
            Second Ponce de Leon and Wieuca Road are two of the nation's largest Southern Baptist congregations.

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